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Strength In Numbers

When you walk into a CrossFit box, chances are that there will be a great majority of the members you see looking lean, energetic, happy, muscular… ie. fit. It is no accident that these people look fit, because they are! But they did not all start that way. Every person that you look at in the CrossFit box has a history around their health and fitness goals. Ask any of them and they will tell you their journey from unhealthy to wellness to fitness. I can tell you from where I stand there hasn’t been a single case come through our doors that will not inspire.

Firstly, let’s address the fact that every single person’s individual goals for health and fitness are completely different. Some want to lose weight while others wish to gain weight, some need to eat better while others need to move better. No matter what a person’s goal is it will not be put down. Not by a single member of our community. Not one. In fact, it is the complete opposite. We embrace everyone’s goals as if it were our own and help everyone along to achieve their goals so that every single person knows that they are not alone.

What do you see when you walk in the doors of CrossFit Flourish? You see strength in numbers; where one person can be brought up by a single person or the entire group. You see, dedication; as no one lets any other person finish alone (the person to finish last gets celebrated the hardest!). You will see friendship and family in a way you cannot achieve anywhere else; there is something about going through these transformations and these sessions together that builds bonds stronger than blood. You will see people that work hard; it just starts to happen when you immerse yourself with the people you come to call family. You see a whole lot of laughter; you cannot go through the session without breaking into laughter at some point (this family won’t let you take it all too seriously). And finally, you will see people that will not let you give up; they will welcome you with open arms and keep picking you up when you fall until you are strong enough to hold others.

So, why does everyone look so fit when you walk in our doors? Because we do it together. We don’t promote fast turn over of fat burning six week challenges because we know the health risks involved with the rebounding that goes with it. We encourage you to learn about your body and start making small changes. We teach you how to move better to let the body grow and recover faster. Once you start to take the small steps of how to fuel and use your body as intended, you just have to get out of the way, let nature do its job and big things will happen.

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