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1. All memberships, session passes and private training sessions must be paid in advance and in full.

2. All memberships, private training sessions and session-passes are non-exchangeable, and non-transferrable.

3. If, during the course of your membership, you become aware of any illness or injury which might put your health at risk if you continue to train with us, you must notify us immediately in writing.

4. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule classes and private training sessions at any time to accommodate holidays, special events, or other needs of the Owners.  No refunds or credit will be granted due to schedule changes.

5. Just be aware that if we wanted to or needed to (but hope we never have to) we can:

a. Refuse you entry to a class if you turn up more than 5 minutes late.

b. Cancel your private training session if you turn up more than 15 minutes late.

c. Kick you out of class if you are a pain in the backside*.

d. Terminate your membership or private training sessions at any time if you are a serial pain in the backside*. (Should it come to this, we will refund you the pro-rated balance on your membership or private training sessions).

6. All memberships are subject to the following rules and limitations:

a. You must sign in EVERY time you visit the box to workout.  This includes Elements, CrossFit, Barbell Fundamentals, Jimboomba Barbell Club, Yoga, Open Gym, Private Training and whatever new classes we decide to add down the track.

b. If you are unable to sign in, you must alert your Trainer immediately so that your issues may be resolved.

c. Participation in our group sessions is at the sole discretion of our Training staff.  If the staff have concerns about your ability to safely participate in group sessions, you may be required to train privately and/or join our Elements/Barbell Fundamentals programme (even if you have done it previously).

d. You must adhere to the Box Rules.

7. Please don’t complain about the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do. You must be prepared to train consistently and with effort.

8. Communication is paramount. Talk with us, email us, message us. If you are struggling with motivation or life has got in the way and is hindering your ability to train let us know. You are our members, our community and you are important to us. If we don’t know what’s going on we can’t help you.

* Determination of what constitutes a pain in the backside is at the discretion of the Owners/Trainers. We are reasonable people, and we would only make this determination if you have driven us to the EDGE.

Billing, Auto-Renewal & Expiration Dates

  1. Membership payments begin on the date you sign up.

  2. All payment arrangements, excluding session passes, will auto-renew unless you have specifically arranged with us to terminate your membership according to our Cancellation Policy. [initial]

  3. Session passes expire after 3 months and any unused sessions are forfeited.

  4. Failure to attend the box does not relieve you of the obligation to pay for your membership.


Past Due Payments / What Happens If Your Payment Doesn’t Go Through

  1. There is a small fee payable if your payment fails.

  2. Payments more than seven days past due will be subject to a $25 administrative fee.

  3. We’re reasonable people. If your payment has failed, we will let you continue to train for 7 days while you get it sorted.    If you turn up for training beyond that you will be directed to sit in the corner.

  4. Should your payments fail 3 or more times, we will send the official CrossFit Flourish Bounty Hunter to hunt you down.  We may also require you to pay up front for a minimum 12 week period before you can continue training with us.


Hold Policy

Memberships may be temporarily placed on hold (excluding Session passes which cannot be placed on hold). This is a courtesy to accommodate the occasional vacation, illness, or injury. To place a membership on hold please advise us in writing.  All holds are subject to the following conditions:

  1. The minimum hold period is two weeks.

  2. The maximum hold period is 3 months.

  3. Holds may be terminated early at any time.

  4. There are no retroactive holds: you must let us know in advance if you wish to place your membership on hold.

  5. Upon expiration of the hold, the member’s account will automatically become active, and payments will resume.

  6. Session passes cannot be placed on hold nor their expiry date be extended.


Cancellation Policy

  1. We will allow you to cancel your membership for any reason with 28 days written notice to do so. Your membership payments will continue to be deducted up until the 28 day notice period has elapsed and you are entitled to use any weeks or partial weeks of training that have been paid for beyond the 28 day notice period. For discounted memberships paid in advance you will be refunded within 21 days for any remaining unused portion of the membership starting after the 28 day notice period (whole weeks only), less any discount you received to that point compared to the standard 4-weekly rate at the time of cancellation. (e.g. if you cancel 2 weeks into a 24 week membership, that means you will have received the discounted rate for a total of 6 weeks (2 weeks, plus the notice period of 28 days/4 weeks) and you saved $5 per week compared to the 4-weekly rate. So your refund will be for 18 weeks (the unused portion of your membership) less $30 for the discount received.

  2. If you become permanently sick or physically incapacitated we will, upon furnishing of a medical certificate stating same, cancel your membership immediately and issue a refund within 21 days for any unused portion of your membership from the date of notification less an administrative fee of $75 or 10% of the membership fee (whichever is the lesser).

  3. All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing.


Free Training

  1. Our box rules apply to everyone that enters our facility so please make sure you are familiar with them.

  2. Free training can only be used for the type of training and/or classes specified

  3. You are under no obligation to continue on as a paying member with us at the completion of any free training.

  4. If you wish to continue training with us (and we hope you do!), you must sign up for one of our paid membership options.

  5. Free training is available to you once only. 


Sauna Use

  1. You do not need to be a member to undertake Sauna sessions at CrossFit Flourish.

  2. We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. If a confirmed appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the session.  To reschedule an appointment with more than 24-hours notice, please contact us directly.

  3. All Sauna sessions expire 6 months after purchase.


Private Training

  1. You do not need to be a member to undertake Private Training sessions at CrossFit Flourish with one of our Trainers.

  2. We have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. If a confirmed appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the session.  To reschedule an appointment with more than 24-hours notice, please contact your Trainer directly.

  3. All Private Training sessions expire one year after purchase.

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