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Wow ! If you thought 500 workouts was impressive. Check out these legendary  group of members. They have each attended 1000 sessions at the box. Sessions can be any combination of CrossFit, Mobility and other Speciality sessions. A remarkable achievement indeed and they are all a true reflection of their consistency.

Belinda - Tarryn - Paige - Jethro - Jo R - Sally - Jane - Lisa - John - Jo - Kylie - Greg - Bec R - Trish

Lisa, Belinda and Jane

Well done ladies for EARNING your 1000 Club shirts.


1000 Wods completed such an Awesome Achievement


What a journey these 1000 WODS have been.


Great commitment to your fitness, Jethro. 1000 workouts done!


Welcome to the 1000 Club Sal. So much progress along the way


What a little pocket rocket. Welcome to the 1000 club Tarryn.

John 1000

Such a deserving member to reach the 1000 club. Welcome!

Jo 1000

Congratulations Jo....1000 classes under your belt! Always a pleasure to be around

Kylie :-)

Inspirational achievement Kylie, your hard work and dedication doesn't go unnoticed


1000 Recorded WODS with Flourish, pretty certain you have done at least 1000 more!!! and hopefully you will do 1000 more!

Bec and Kenny

Bec has been a member of Flourish from the onset, she has shown great commitment she has now reached her 1000th WOD and we welcome her with pride to the 1000 Club. Well done Bec


We welcome Trish into the Committed 1000 club. If you have had the good fortune to meet Trish you will know that she is one of the most committed people here! Always working on something extra. Not happy to remain the same. She may be small but she is mighty.

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