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Oh My GOODNESS!!  First step of 500 impressive, second step reaching 1000 WODS that ain't no mean feat....but 1500 WODS that's just down right AMAZING!   It takes a lot of blood sweat and tears to get this far.  Dedication to say the very least.  Congratulations

Jane - Lisa - Paige

Jane 1500

Jane is our very first member to reach the heights of the 1500 Club. Such a great ambassador for CrossFit and for us here at Flourish. Congratulations Jane, you are AWESOME.

Lisa 1500

We are so excited to have Lisa join the ranks in the 1500 club. Welcome back! We are all so glad you returned and what better way to celebrate than this massive milestone!

Paige 1500

Welcome Paige to the 1500 Club. Commitment to everything FLOURISH!

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