2 WAYS TO Get Started with crossfit:
Option 1 - Book a Free "No Sweat" Appointment


Book a private “No Sweat” consultation below. This consultation is FREE and is a time for us to meet you, show you around the gym and answer questions. No workout clothes required! This consultation is scheduled with one of our certified CrossFit Trainers. During this appointment, we can set you up with a free trial or recommend an alternate getting started package, depending on your needs. This is a no obligation consultation - just come and check us out, without getting sweaty!

Option 2 - Book your FREE WEEK Trial!


Already confident or done CrossFit before? Come in and try us out!  Choose your program and preferred class time/day when you book:

Crossfit (1hr), Seniors (45mins, age 55+), Kids (45mins, age 6-12) or Teens (1hr, age 13-17)


(Please note you must be medically fit to exercise! Unfit is ok, medically unfit is not - please go see your doctor first if in doubt or schedule a No-Sweat consultation with us first.)

Read our Box Rules so you know what is expected from you in our classes.

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