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Pre-teens (Ages 8-12)

45 minute class where a light load may be introduced via lightweight dumbbells, kettlebells or barbell if impeccable form can be demonstrated. The Pre-teens class still comprises a majority of bodyweight/gymnastic movements based around skill development, a wod (workout of the day) and game (if time permits). This program is a great primer before transitioning into Teens / regular CrossFit.

Teens (Ages 13-17)*

Teens are included in our regular 1hr CrossFit class which combines all of the elements of our CrossFit program. Barbell movements are introduced (beginning with a broomstick). No additional load is added until impeccable form can be demonstrated. Our coaches keep an extra close eye on Teens. They are expected to behave like adults and need to be able to interact well with adults in this class. 

*Teens will need to complete an onboarding program to be able to participate in the regular classes. Contact us for more information

How to get your child started?

You are most welcome to visit us when we have a CrossFit Kids/Pre-teens class in progress to have a look at how the classes are run. Please contact us if you are planning to visit (we appreciate the heads up so we can make sure we have a Trainer available to speak with you – the classes can be pretty hectic otherwise!)

When are the classes on?

Visit our Schedule page for our current gym schedule.


Kids/Pre-teens classes are offered on Monday afternoons from 3.45pm-4.30pm. Subject to change please visit the schedule page link above to confirm.

Teens are included in the regular 60min CrossFit classes.

We are now running our Kids/Pre-teens classes during the Qld school terms, (usually 10 week blocks) we believe fitness and the love of movement and activity is something that should be encouraged within our children.  

What does it cost?

Kids/Pre teens $155 for a 10 session pass

Teens $250 for a 10 session pass, or $139 per fortnight for an Unlimited Teens membership.

Additional Reading

The CrossFit Journal – “Child’s Play”

Weight training – Pre-adolescent strength training – Just do it!  – Narelle Sibte – Strength & Conditioning Coach, Australian Institute of Sport

Health Check: should children and adolescents lift weights? – Jordan Smith, Lecturer, University of Newcastle

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