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I Can't Do CrossFit. You're All Too Fit!

One of the most frustrating things I frequently hear is that people are scared to join us because they aren’t fit enough. They see our existing members and instantly feel inadequate, intimidated or even put off by the apparent “fitness” of our members.

The thing is, the reason our members look like this is because our programme works!

What kind of an advertisement for CrossFit would we be if you walked in here and we all looked overweight, unfit and like we had never done a workout in our life?

I implore you to not simply look at the end product and think thats how it starts. It doesn’t. Not for anyone.

When you see the end product of people performing in our gym, it is the result of many months and years of consistent effort and work. We don’t have posers (there are no mirrors in our gym for a start!), only people who keep chipping away making small improvements over time. Stick with it long enough, and those small improvements add up to a lot.

I had an enquiry the other day from a person wondering if we were full of “gym junkies”. My answer to that was a resounding no! However, we do have people that like coming in to train 4, 5 and even 6 days a week. Isn’t that a good thing that they find their exercise program so enjoyable, so rewarding, so easy to maintain compared to other things they have tried in the past, that it is no longer a chore for them? And if you asked them, I’m sure the last thing they would consider themselves to be is a “gym junkie”. They just have fun here, feel supported here and get results.

So I encourage you to look a little harder and see our members for what they are – a reflection of the success of our programme. The vast majority didn’t walk in looking the way they look now and if you look closely you will see people at all different points in their fitness journey. The only thing they’ve done which you may not have yet, is made a decision to start… and look at them now!

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