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How To Avoid Splitting Your Shorts During A CrossFit Workout

It’s happened to all of us at some point or another during the course of day to day life…. for many of us as kids but the moment stays fresh in our head like it was only yesterday. The dreaded sound of pressure being relieved, of seams splitting, thread ripping and suddenly your bottom feels a little more exposed!

Just when you think you’ve left all that behind (pardon the pun), suddenly there you are in the midst of your CrossFit workout, wearing your favourite board shorts… and rip… its happened again!

So fellas, I’m largely talking to you, how can you avoid failure of this vital component of your wardrobe?

A whole industry has been built around the sale of “activewear” and whilst much of it is purely frivolous and fashion dictated, there is merit and practical application for some of the pieces which have been designed. Just as shoes have been created that are specific to the rigors and variety presented by CrossFit workouts (eg Innov8, Reebok Nano or Nike Metcon). So too are there a whole plethora of shorts that have been created that are suited for running, jumping, climbing and, importantly, squatting.

The longer style shorts favoured by men in CrossFit have stretchy panels sewn into the inner part of the leg that helps provide a bit of give as you hit the bottom of your squat. There are other variations on the theme, but essentially they are all designed to provide a bit of room for your derriere when your ass hits the grass.

So, when the time comes to buy some new shorts, (or when the backside has blown out of your old ones) hit up specialist clothing suppliers such as The Wodlife and pick up a pair of duds that have a bit of stretch about them. Your old boardies were cool, but no-one wants to see your bum hanging out of them in the gym!

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