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Is CrossFit Like Bootcamp?

We get a lot of people asking us if CrossFit is like bootcamp as there seems to be a perception that it is. The only similarity between CrossFit and a bootcamp is that you work out as part of a group and have fun. And thats where the similarities end.

First and foremost CrossFit is an exercise programme which means it is planned, ongoing, has purpose, goals and milestones and is multi-faceted in its approach to fitness. Bootcamps on the other hand are designed purely for that day and are designed to essentially to wear you out or “smash” you for that session. Given the unpredictable nature of who might attend a bootcamp session, there is no long term plan and no progression and the range of exercises performed tend to be low skill level and restricted to a couple of main modalities. Will you feel gassed at the end of a bootcamp session? Likely. Will you make long term progression with your fitness? Not likely, but its fun.

CrossFit on the other hand uses a broad range of modalities and exercises and also tracks and records the progress of all participants. This means the programming can adapt over time to work particular weaknesses and develop the all round fitness of participants. CrossFit also develops participants skill level and addresses much more than just cardiovascular fitness. Will you feel smashed at the end of a CrossFit workout? Yes - but keep in mind we train in a greater variety of ways than just trying to make your lungs burn for half an hour, so the definition of "smashed" changes. Will you make long term progression with your fitness? Yes absolutely. Its measurable and you'll have fun.

We have adapted the following table from Catalyst Gym in the US which summarises the differences between CrossFit and bootcamp very nicely.

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