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10 CrossFit Hotel Workouts

At a hotel for work or leisure? Upon entering the hotel gym has your mind gone blank and you can’t recall a single thing you could do to maintain your fitness? Chances are the gear available doesn’t look like what we have in the box and so suddenly you’re thinking you’ll have to do a 40minute cardio session on the elliptical machine while watching the tv or do 3 sets of 10 maxing out the lat pulldown machine and pec dec. But fear not my friends! Here’s a list of 10 wods that will raise a sweat and that you could tackle in most hotels. Get creative and modify as necessary depending on what you have available. Remember to spend a good 10-15 minutes warming up and preparing your body for the movements and then 3-2-1 Go!

Hotel Gym

1. Before you even hit the gym, ask at reception for the hotels jogging map. Most of them have one, particularly in larger cities. A nice 5km jog around the city is not only a good way to get the heart rate up, but it’s also a fantastic way to see the sights of the city from a different perspective. It’s amazing how many hills you’ll find right in the dead centre of the city which you may not even notice when you are in a car or bus

2. 4 x 400m sprint intervals on the treadmill with 2min rest in between each. Try to hold a consistent time across all 4. Disgusting, but effective. If you haven’t run on a treadmill for a while, make sure you practice first!

3. 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Squats (use a dumbbell, kettlebell or barbell depending on what is available in the gym for extra weight), Push-Ups

4. Modified Filthy Fifty (modify further depending on what equipment is available)

50 Tuck Jumps

50 Lat Pulldowns (lightweight)

50 Dumbbell Swings (light to moderate weight)

50 steps walking lunge

50 Sit Ups or V-Ups

50 Dumbbell Push press

50 Good mornings (unweighted or lightweight)

50 Med Ball or Dumbbell Thruster

50 Burpees

50 Double unders or Double Tap Jumps if no rope.

5. 5km or 2km row time trial

6. “Annie” (always pack your skipping rope – its light, takes up no room and comes in handy!): 50-40-30-20-10 reps, for time of: Double Under, AbMat Sit-up (roll up a towel as an abmat substitute)

7. “Death By Burpees” – with a continuously running clock perform 1 burpee in the first minute, then 2 burpees in the second minute, then 3 in the third minute and so on until you can no longer get the required number of burpees out in the minute. You can also perform “Death By” for other movements – eg Air Squats, Push Ups etc.

8. Hero wod “Loredo”: 6 rounds for time of: 24 Air Squats, 24 Push Ups, 24 Walking Lunges, Run 400m (do the run on a treadmill if in the hotel gym or on the sand if you’re at the beach!)

9. Dumbbell “Grace”: 30 Dumbbell Clean & Jerks for time.

10. Tabata Push-ups; followed by 3km run; followed by bottom to bottom tabata squats. (download a wod/workout timer onto your smartphone – most will have a tabata timer)

Still need more? Check out the CrossFit mainsite for daily wod inspiration (substitute and modify depending on what you have available), or for our box members, login to Wodify and see what we have programmed for the day then sub and modify as best you can. Post a message into the facebook group if you are really stuck and we’ll be happy to offer suggestions 🙂

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