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Christmas Gift Guide for the CrossFitter in Your Life

Got a crossfitter in your life? Struggling to think of what to buy them for Christmas this year? Well read on, help is at hand! We polled our members and asked them what they hope Santa brings them for Christmas this year. Some of these things can be sourced online or at the shops whereas others might be a little more difficult to come by.

  1. Shoes (Lifters a.k.a weightlifting shoes – suggestions such as these, these or these) or general purpose CrossFit shoes (Reebok/Innov8/Nike are the main players here)

  2. Hand guards or grips (lots of suggestions here at The Wodlife)

  3. Replacement body parts and/or a decent squat! – the squat part we are working on in the gym, the body parts get a little trickier to procure.

  4. CrossFit related clothing eg singlets/workout shirts, shorts, tights/leggings, socks (Stance make great socks in a variety of lengths – check out the range amongst others at The Wodlife)

  5. Rocktape – available in so many pretty colours and a gym bag staple

  6. Fancy wrist wraps – ETSY is good to browse and there are other local makers

  7. A muscle up (hard to procure) so a muscle tank (ie t-shirt with the sleeves cut off – you can buy them like that) would do instead

  8. Shin guards (we love climbing ropes but ouch they bite. You can go el-cheapo soccer shin guards or lash out on some fancy neoprene shin sleeves)

  9. Weight vest (not sure if this will be seen as a symbol of love however!)

  10. Headband – hair stuck in your eyes and all over your face is a PITA. Help them out. Wicked Fitness has a good selection for women and men.

  11. Fancy skipping rope (such as these RPM ropes – yes they do cost nearly $70!)

  12. Becoming A Supple Leopard (every CrossFitter should own a copy of this. If yours doesn’t have a copy yet, seriously consider getting it for them.

  13. Gym bag – a legit one with multiple compartments such as these from King Kong

  14. Mobility equipment (good for all and particularly if they are often moaning about how stiff they are. Rogue Australia has a great selection).

  15. Flourish membership (you can cough up for their next 3 or 6 months of membership for example).

When all else fails you can’t go wrong with a gift card. The Wodlife is a goto online store for many Crossfitters. Also Again Faster although more for equipment than clothing and trinkets. Reebok have a bunch of branded merch – you could take a punt and choose something yourself or opt for the safe option of a gift card. Lorna Jane or Lululemon gear is mainstream and pretty pricey, but often appreciated so a gift card from either of these is always a welcome. Lesser known options include 21.15.Nine or BossFit.

Give our list some careful thought if you are hoping to buy a gift that they will really enjoy receiving this year. No more socks, jocks, or perfume. Give them something that will really spice up their life and bring them “joy” for many weeks/months/years to come!

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