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Can the Pokemon Go app improve my fitness?

The Pokemon Go app is succeeding in many areas that other apps have failed. It’s bringing people together, has people moving around and exploring their local cities when they normally wouldn’t. If you’re a diehard pokemon fan you will be out there trying to find Pikachu and throwing pokéball’s like a mad person to catch ‘em all (you gotta right?!).

Gotta catch em all!

To make sure you get all of the different pokemon out there, you have to go exploring. If you explore real world places with more grass you will see more grass or bug like pokemon and if you went to a large body of water like a lake or a waterfall, you will have a chance of seeing more water based pokemon. This app also has you exploring notable places in your city where you can get your hands on things like pokéball’s or eggs to hatch.

How does it get me fit?

Whether you like it or not, this is keeping you fit in ways that you wouldn’t do for yourself. Think about it for a second, walking in nature with fresh air and sometimes in groups (sometimes with complete strangers) for several days of the week. Throw in a couple of weight training sessions per week and you’ve got the perfect prescription for keeping fit… and it’s fun! Awesome!

Just by playing this game you can achieve:

  • Stress relief (getting out in nature with friends and keeping active)

  • Baseline cardiovascular health (walking enough to maintain base levels of fitness)

  • Assistance with mental health (getting into the community, fresh air and getting active)

  • Make new friends (pokemon go picnics)

  • Finding parts of your town that you didn’t know about. (Exploring to find new eggs and pokéball’s etc.)


I will throw in a major caution with this. This game, just like many others, can be addictive and that is very unhealthy for you mentally. Be sure to keep your game time to a sensible amount otherwise this very healthy app can turn into a very unhealthy beast. Too much of a good thing can be very bad for you. Also caution should be taken to ensure you don’t aimlessly chase your pokemon and end up lost or put yourself in unsafe situations. Of course catching pokemon shouldn’t replace your normal exercise routine, but it can help improve your fitness levels for when you have to compete in your next poké tournament…

Trainers need to be fit to train their Pokémon right?!

So now you know how this app can be good for you, use it to your advantage. Get out there, explore your city and get out to different environments. Build a group of friends to play together and remember that good things do have to come to an end so be careful with usage time.

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