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The foundation of sport and life is nutrition. You can't out train a bad diet. Whatever your nutrition related questions, goals or dilemma's, we can help. No crazy diets, no quackery. Just solid, sensible advice, direction and accountability.


Private One-On-One Nutrition Coaching

$95/hr on an ad-hoc basis. 

Nourish to Flourish 12 Month Nutrition Coaching Programme (N2F)



Daily lessons, habits and accountability delivered to you via the Precision Nutrition software platform across a 12 month period. Support from our in-house Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coaches. The Nourish to Flourish programme is where we recommend most people start. For more information visit the Nourish to Flourish page or get in touch with us.

from $66.58 per month  

3 Month Accountability Pack (3MAP)

The 3MAP is the perfect follow on for graduates of the Nourish to Flourish programme when you know what you need to do but just need someone to hold you accountable. Or perhaps you've got a bit hazy on some of the habits and want to revisit them. Your nutrition coach will work with you to determine what you need, what matters most to you and check in on your progress and customise accordingly. The 3 Month Accountability Pack can also be purchased by people who have not completed the Nourish to Flourish programme. In this case your coach will work with you on some foundation habits (or other areas you wish to focus on) to help you make progress towards your nutrition goals.

$225 for N2F Grads

$275 others

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