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Description: spend more time developing your olympic lifts including, but not limited to the Snatch, Clean & Jerk and other basic lifts. Customised individual programming is provided. Whether you want to be a better CrossFitter or have competitive weightlifting aspirations, this is the speciality programme to help move you towards your goals. 

  • Duration: 10 week blocks

  • Prerequisites: none

  • Next commences: ongoing

  • Cost $220 for 10 weeks paid upfront or $250 (paid $50/fortnight) 

  • Available to Unlimited CrossFit Members only

  • Class time: attend any of the coached Jimboomba Barbell Club sessions each week


Description: basic strength programme working primarily to improve performance in deadlift, squats, press, push press, strict pullups, and bench press.

  • Duration: 10 weeks

  • Prerequisites: none

  • Next commences: Ongoing. Start anytime.

  • Cost $150 paid upfront (or $165 paid at $33/fortnight). Available to Unlimited CrossFit Members Only.

  • Class time/structure: 10 week programme provided at commencement and you are free to attend one coached Jimboomba Barbell Club session each week if you would like to lift with supervision

  • Class limit: no limit


Description: Extra programming that runs in parallel with our regular CrossFit programme. Want or need more load, more work and more capacity? Got a local competition coming up? Tweaking things for the Open?

  • Duration: Ongoing. Athletes can opt in or out at any time, with a minimum 8 week commitment each time.

  • Prerequisites: Unlimited CrossFit membership and approval from Head Trainer

  • Next commences: ongoing

  • Cost: Per 8 week block: $150 members

  • Class time: daily programming that you work through in your own time in addition to the main WOD. There is also an optional coached “Everest” session at 5.30am on Saturday mornings. The primary focus of Everest is the on-going additional programming which you undertake in your own time around the normal wod timetable. However, you might choose to do only some (or none) of the extra work and instead just enjoy coming in for the Everest session on a Saturday morning. How you use Everest is entirely up to you.

  • Class limit: no limit

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For our existing CrossFit members we offer a number of different speciality programmes throughout the year that you can opt into. Our current Speciality offering is presented below and if you have a specific request for any other areas of interest please let us know. To sign up for any of our Speciality programmes please get in touch with a Trainer.

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