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I’ve been an athlete in some way, shape or form, pretty much my whole life. I have played many different sports throughout the years, but my main focus areas tended to be Track & Field Athletics & Basketball. I was the undefeated Athletics Age Champion during school from Year 1 right through to Year 12, and was part of a Track & Field Excellence program, where I made State & National Level teams in Javelin and Sprint Hurdles. I also competed in Pentathlons and played at a Regional level in Basketball.


An ongoing knee injury and subsequent surgery meant I had to scale back; but as the years went on, I kept up social games of Basketball and Touch Football, and going to a traditional gym.

Health and fitness was always a passion of mine, and something I always naturally made part of my life. I even studied Health Science and Physio subjects at uni. So even with all this background in sport and physical training, I thought I had a pretty good understanding of health and fitness - well that was until I started CrossFit.

I found I got bored easily going to the gym and doing the same things all the time, and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted quickly enough. I found a traditional gym environment often left me feeling alienated and alone, and lacking motivation.

CrossFit has definitely solved that problem for me now. I love that all I have to worry about is just showing up. A trainer is there to guide me through what we are going to do during the session and is also there to help me kick my own butt! (afterall we are all so busy these days - we want to make our workouts count right!?) I never get bored - as the workouts are constantly different, and there is always a new goal or challenge to work towards.

One of the best things, unique to CrossFit, is that all the movements are scaleable - meaning they can be altered for anyone, of any fitness level or capability. And although you workout as an individual, you are in a group environment alongside other like-minded people, all of varying abilities, just working hard to become better version of themselves. This creates an incredibly supportive community that empowers and encourages each other every step of the way. Now that’s something pretty special if you ask me! I no longer feel like I have to do it on my own, and what’s even better - since starting CrossFit, my knee has never felt better and been more strong.

I highly recommend CrossFit for everyone. Whether you want to be a competitive athlete or just want to lose some weight and improve your health (without it feeling like a chore!) - my advice to you would be to just come and give it a go!

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