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An equestrian and horse riding fanatic since a young girl, I've competed to a National level in western pleasure and other western riding events and in the past few years I've added dressage to my repertoire.


Running has also been an interest of mine, from cross-country running during my school days through to the odd 5km and 10km in more recent years. I've also been known to hit the roads on my road bike, although I am a bit intimidated by the traffic and so have spent more time in recent years on my mountain bike (our local trails at Wyaralong dam are fantastic!). Mountain biking terrifies me while at the same time exhilarates me - theres something about the wind rushing through your hair that release the child within!

CrossFit has been an excellent way to maintain and increase my fitness so that I can get even more enjoyment from all of these activities (not to mention being able to handle the rigours of being a mum to a 6yo daughter!).


Pre-CrossFit I'd been like most people with an on-again, off-again relationship with traditional gyms and personal trainers (more off than on). CrossFit and its constantly varied regime where no two days are the same and its encouragement to record results to see progress over time really got me hooked. I've never experienced a fitness program like it and I honestly believe its the key to getting the most out of life. Everyone needs this!

CrossFit Competition/Notables

2016 Masters League Qld Throwdown 40-49 Warrior (Intermediate) Champion

2016 Masters League Qld State Invitational 40-49 Warrior (Intermediate) Champion

2014/15/16/17 CrossFit Open

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