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I have been an average athlete all my life.  At school I played all sports including soccer, rugby league and union, cricket, swimming, athletics enjoying all and excelling in none. At University in Brisbane whilst studying for my Bachelor in Veterinary Science I played loose head prop in rugby union for the vet team and tinkered with 5 yrs of regular uni gym weights and a bit of cardio. After uni, having to actually work got in the way of being an athlete for a while. I have been a practicing vet for 19 years and I used long working hours and being on-call as an excuse for not doing much else physically for a fair while.

In 2010, after being back in the gym for a while, Belinda and I discovered CrossFit and in November 2012 I qualified as  Level 1 CrossFit Trainer.

I love the general level of fitness that regular CrossFit training develops.  In 2012 I completed my first Gold Coast Half Marathon with a preparation consisting of CrossFit wods and just a handful of runs and completed it in sub 2 hours and recovered easily.  In September 2013 Belinda & I completed the Far North Wilderness Bike Tour around north Queensland. This took on us a 450km cross country mountain bike ride over 8 days.  Again our bike preparation was minimal other than CrossFit. To me this is what CrossFit is about - maintaining health and fitness and general preparedness so you can do what you what when you want and your body and mind is prepared to handle it.

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