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“The Couch to CrossFit program is hands-down the easiest and most effective way to jump start your fitness journey. Start in the comfort of your own home, then transition to the gym. Give it a shot and enjoy the results!”




The Couch To CrossFit programme is comprised of a series of workouts delivered to you via email which you undertake at home (or in your gym, your backyard or in the park). The emails include workout demonstration videos and fitness/nutrition tips and are delivered every second day for 30 days from the day you signup.

C2CF What Is It

How Do I Get Started?

Just fill in your details at the bottom of this page  and you will receive your first Couch to CrossFit At-Home workout today! A new workout, including workout demonstration video, and some nutrition/fitness tips will arrive every other day for the next 30 days (you can unsubscribe at any time but we're sure you will love them).

2. Set aside 2-3 sessions per week in your schedule to improving your fitness

Make an appointment with yourself to work on your fitness. Its easy for other things to pop up or get in the way unless you specifically plan your week and set aside time to do this for yourself.

3. Be ready to get started with CrossFit, run a 5km or anything else soon!

Yes really! The commitment you make now and for the next 30 days will jumpstart your health, fitness and wellbeing. Start feeling better and have more energy today!

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Am I too young, old, fat, skinny, tall, short or in-between to sign-up?

Couch To CrossFit is suitable for anyone aged from 18 to 80. We know it can be hard to get started and even quite intimidating to step foot into a gym for the first time. Everyone else already seems to be so fit and they look like they know what they are doing. Couch to CrossFit works to allay those fears by allowing you to start working on a  few things with guided instruction at home and then transitions you into the gym environment with a group of like minded people.

Why Couch To CrossFit? Why can't I just start in your normal CrossFit intro classes?

If you are keen to get started in CrossFit straight away you can absolutely bypass the Couch To CrossFit programme and dive straight into our regular CrossFit introductory programme (for details visit our Get Started page here). However, we know there are a number of people who feel they aren't quite ready yet for the full CrossFit experience which is where Couch to CrossFit comes in.

What does it cost?

The Couch To CrossFit At-Home workout series via email is FREE.

Do I need any special gear or equipment?

All that is required is your own bodyweight.

What happens when I finish?

Hopefully life will be just a little bit more awesome for you :)  Once you are finished you can go back and work through the video series again. Or, you might feel you are ready to come in to the gym and get started in our CrossFit programme. If this sounds like you just book a No Sweat Consultation with us here or keep an eye out for the link in the emails we send to you.

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